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You go away

I want to say
I’m not afraid
of everything.
I’m torn and frayed.

I want to say
I’ll fade away
from yesterday.
I can’t escape.

I sold my soul,
long time ago,
It’s grown so old.
I want no more.

I want to go
where no one knows
time overflows.
I want to go.

I won’t come back,
I’ll never last.
I can’t face that
I won’t come back

I can’t chase dreams,
I never sleep.
I just can’t see
I’m in too deep

You go away,
don’t know your name,
but love your face.
Why won’t you stay?

You go away,
I never say
how much you make
my sunny days.

You go away.


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My friend,
who’s an illusion.
My life,
trapped in confusion.
No one’s here.

My friend,
just an illusion.
My life,
always losing

My friend,
you’re an illusion.
My life,
never choosing.
Unread script.

My friend
is an illusion.
My life,
needing solution.

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Your creator

I create.
I create for you, I create for me.
I create for everybody to see.
And if I could create no more,
I wouldn’t have wanted to be created at all.

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One more time

The trees were a blur
out the window I stared.
You wouldn’t flinch,
you never really cared.

The music was loud,
but it couldn’t drown
the tension of goodbyes.
Now I realize we’re bound

to forget this ever happened,
this day that came from hell.
Forget I ever happened,
forget I treat you well.

Remember how we loved
and how we danced?
Remember how we vowed?
Zombified romance.

I’ll never stop loving you,
though you will torture me.
I’ll never stop missing you,
though you will never see.

Remember how we loved
and how you smiled?
Remember how you told me
you wanted a child?

All these thoughts and feelings
die inside this car ride
from Manchester to Murfreesboro.
I wish that I could die.

But someday you will think back
on this moment and many more
that warmed your soul and
you’ll regret slamming this door.

My face will rain for weeks and weeks
until my skin dissolves.
My mind will try to gather so
my aching heart resolves.

One more time, I love you.
One more time, I care.
One more time, remember me
I will always be right there.

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1100 Broadway

Goodbye newspapers
Goodbye desks
Goodbye to early mornings
Goodbye to the well-dressed
I wave goodbye to shady characters
Standing in shadows underneath the bridge

Goodbye free donuts
Goodbye friendly smiles
I carry my goodbyes
With me for 30 miles

Goodbye polite corrections
Goodbye morning meetings
Delayed, prolonged
Goodbye phone calls
From writers
And storytellers
To one in training
Goodbye first draft
Goodbye comma abuse

Goodbye Julie, goodbye Jess
Goodbye Linda, Jen
J.J. and the rest
Goodbye newspaper
Goodbye desk
Goodbye to Nashville
You are the best

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Turning around

Do you have those moments
where months of strengh
are killed
by seconds of pain?

And do you have those moments
when your heart
makes you fall
flat on your face?

I’m not here
to make you feel better.
I’m sorry
for ever telling you my name.

Because it’s all about to change.
Once my own decisions
finally drive me insane,
I’ll turn around
and change.

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Bee Vomit

I hate to say I love you,
more than I have shown.
I hate to say I need you,
pretend like I have grown.

I hate to know you’re hurting
and sleeping all alone.
I hate to sit here singing
in my empty home.

I’d love to feel your heartbeat
thumping through my head.
I’d love to hold your icy hands,
watch my face turn red.

I’d love to know you’re sleeping
safely in my grasp.
I’d love to forge a future
so we can burn the past.

I hate to say I’m sorry
for things I haven’t done.
I hate to disappear–and sometimes—
I hate that you’re the one.

I hate synthetic distance and
no matter how I try,
I hate to see you walk away
and never say goodbye.

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