Lonely birds

A lonely bird leaving home for the winter
Lost himself in tears along the way
Who am I, where is hope when I need it?
Never turning back, flying away

The vast and empty sky stares at the sea
Reflections show such a difference
How do I know things I see are real?
Insecurities make too much sense

Our lonely bird has now fallen from grace
Our lonely bird flied defiantly instead
His only last regret was perfection
Perfecting imperfection every day

And on the day he died, no one noticed
Not a tear that ever would be shed
’cause lonely birds fly solo for a reason
We only see loneliness once they’re dead

Now the sky, so empty, dreads the season
Another lonesome victim falls from grace
Loneliness a disease to be stricken
To everyone in every single place

A lonely bird abandons his whole world
To fly away from home, where he has heard
Happy days await those who are patient
As for us, we’ll just be lonely birds


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