P’s and Q’s

I have this test of p’s and q’s
But all I think about is you
The only thing I wanna do
Is be the p, here for you
And have you as my little q

If p then q, if p may be
If p is q, is q then p?
Do p and q represent me?
If q then p, where does that lead?
In a world of q’s and also p’s

If p is my heart, then q is your soul
If one is pure, then the other is gold
If one is black, then the other is sold
If one is empty, then the other will fold
You can’t see yourself, don’t believe what’s told

My p’s and q’s will fade away
Get this test over with and say
What was I supposed to make
Of these p’s and q’s anyway?
Maybe I’ll know some other day


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