One more time

The trees were a blur
out the window I stared.
You wouldn’t flinch,
you never really cared.

The music was loud,
but it couldn’t drown
the tension of goodbyes.
Now I realize we’re bound

to forget this ever happened,
this day that came from hell.
Forget I ever happened,
forget I treat you well.

Remember how we loved
and how we danced?
Remember how we vowed?
Zombified romance.

I’ll never stop loving you,
though you will torture me.
I’ll never stop missing you,
though you will never see.

Remember how we loved
and how you smiled?
Remember how you told me
you wanted a child?

All these thoughts and feelings
die inside this car ride
from Manchester to Murfreesboro.
I wish that I could die.

But someday you will think back
on this moment and many more
that warmed your soul and
you’ll regret slamming this door.

My face will rain for weeks and weeks
until my skin dissolves.
My mind will try to gather so
my aching heart resolves.

One more time, I love you.
One more time, I care.
One more time, remember me
I will always be right there.


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