Loneliness is an automatic toothbrush
echoing through an empty house.
Loneliness is a blank stare
gazing back from a window.
Loneliness is the sound
of synchronized clocks and the hum of a fan.
Loneliness is the universal
plight of man.

Loneliness can fog my mind,
yet clear it on a later day.
Loneliness can be a treasure that
many wish to bury deep within the earth.
Loneliness can drive you mad, but
sometimes loneliness can save your soul.
Loneliness is a shady place
that I call home.

Loneliness can birth forgiveness.
Loneliness can spark regret.
Loneliness can make you wish that we
were not always made to be
such a mess.

Loneliness is a light in the sky
with cloudy stars.
Loneliness is a long walk home.
Loneliness is the aching, tearing pull
of yesterday’s nostalgia.
Loneliness is a stern lesson
we all teach, but
no one learns.

Loneliness is misunderstood.
Loneliness has much to say.
We continue to run, but in vain,
because loneliness is here to stay.



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