I heard you whispering a prayer.
Not begging for a second chance,
Forgiveness or personal advance,
But for love to be true.

I heard you take a deep breath
A million miles away.
I hear you in my dreams,
In my brain, you’re still mine.

I heard you walk away slowly,
Surely disappointed.
Because you know you can relive the moment,
But every time, I’ll run away.

I heard you flick the safety
And a moment of hesitation.
As badly as the pain lives on–and it does, I know,
Your life was already gone–many years ago.

I heard you whispering a prayer,
Demanding God show mercy on others,
So they could understand
Love is too good to be true.

And I saw you scribble notes
As a tear blurred the ink.
I saw you write something
That I hope you don’t believe:

There’s only so much a fragile mind can take.
There’s only so many times a fragile heart can break.
Love is just a confusing mess of pain and sorrow.


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