Brings me down
Turns me grey
Makes every decision I make
Seem like one elaborate mistake
And all I want to do is hide

Having no cash
Lots of time
Just to think
Who am I and where will I
Find the will to reach and try
To face rejection every time

Won’t define
What my mind
Considers to be me
Confident identity
Tomorrow when I wake up I’ll see

Unemployment isn’t me.



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2 responses to “Unemployment

  1. Equally we are not to be defined by our jobs, that is the other unpleasant extreme!

    I myself unemployed and writer/musician also (or at least kind of), find that there is no demand in our society for someone who wants to do…whatever it is I want to do…and certainly this is no way to earn a salary.

    “Become a corporate sell out” they say “take our money and let us take control” — not in my life! I’d rather sit in my hole, in my whole, without yet still with my self-doubt. I am unemployed but I am me, this is my only responsibility.

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