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To the band:

Sometimes I feel my life is a train
And no matter how I try to step off the path
I keep on going down the long, narrow tracks
I keep pushing forward through the night, wind, rain

I feel my choices make no change
I walk down one road until it fades away
I end up on the other side anyway
The situation varies, the results remain the same

I feel a collision waiting to happen
I see it, hear it, smell it, taste it
But there’s no way to avoid it —
— the confines of the world I’m trapped in

I wanted to be a writer
My god would have none of the such
As bad luck piles up too much
I slowly lose the will to fight her

I was born to strum a guitar
And that’s my place, my fate
That’s the place I cannot escape
And though it may not get me far

I was born to strum a guitar


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In the dark

Near the end of a long, dark hall
Where shadows blend, consume the walls
You swear you hear the muffled calls

The shouts, the screams, the laughs, the cries
The love, the hate, the wasted lives

You turn to run, to escape, to find where your feet betrayed you
To find a God you wished had made you (and maybe save you)
To try to change, but still you stay you —

— stumble through a broken door
Where life was bright, but is no more
You see a letter, but can’t be sure
If you’re the one it’s written for

Minutes pass as you read the words
Of winter skies and lonely birds
And this is when you finally heard

Footsteps echo from down the hall
Where shadows blend, consume the walls

You’re not alone, he’s here to
He’s walking slowly, watching you
You want to run, but cannot move

“Do you know who I am?”
He asks with a smile
You think it over, all the while
Your face shows fear, his shows guile

He tells you he’s an undertaker
But you will never meet your maker
At least not until much later

You fall to your knees, you fall into tears
You confess lies and wrongs from years
With sunny days you once held dear

You go to cry, you go to shout
But this time when you call out

It’s nothing more than muffled calls
Near the end of a long, dark hall
Where shadows blend, consume the walls

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