My name is Jake Old. I am a writer and a musician. This blog was made on a whim, because I had a poem that I wrote called “A poem from a beard” (it’s the first post I ever made on this blog). I thought that it sounded like a cool name for a blog, and I ran with it.

I graduated from MTSU with a B.S. in Mass Communications (with a focus on Journalism). I am the former owner of the book beat for The Tennessean, as well as a former general-assignment features reporter for the paper. I worked at the MTSU TV station (MT-10) as a writer for a short time, and I also co-founded a blog devoted to the Nashville Predators hockey team. On the flipside of that, I’m the front man in a rock band called Irish Wristwatch.

I started writing poetry in the fifth grade. I was in a magnet school for “gifted” children (I don’t think I was all that smart) and took a poetry class. The first poems I wrote were limericks and poems about ridiculous subject matter. I thought I was pretty good at it, and I took a liking to writing. After something rough happened in my life, I wrote a poem called “Lonely Birds,” which I actually have on this blog. When I turned it in to the teacher, she gave it back to me and told me to rewrite it because it was too sad.

I took this to mean that it wasn’t very good. Even as a child, I have always taken a lot of pride in the things I do and have a desire to be the best. I was embarrassed that I enjoyed writing so much, and did it so often, and yet it was apparently sub-par. So I only wrote in secret, filling up spiral notebooks for years with my writings and becoming extremely embarrassed if anyone ever discovered them.

Eventually I opened up to some people close to me and started feeling a bit more comfortable with others reading my work (developing into an ambitious songwriter helped this too).

So this is a collection of poems and songs that I have written, both recently and dating back as far as 13 years. At some point I may even post some of the short stories that I have been working on. I hope you enjoy them.


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