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I know I am old
The time I wasted
Figuring out my role
Cannot make it
Any easier to
Fade away

I know I will go
My home is not home
For long, although
I won’t be alone
When you follow my
Footprints here

I know I am worn
Breaking down slowly
Years ago I’d sworn
Nobody could know me
I’ve never been happier
To be wrong

I know I am old
Even in youth
Time wears on the soul
Time conceals the truth
In my old age
I am free


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You go away

I want to say
I’m not afraid
of everything.
I’m torn and frayed.

I want to say
I’ll fade away
from yesterday.
I can’t escape.

I sold my soul,
long time ago,
It’s grown so old.
I want no more.

I want to go
where no one knows
time overflows.
I want to go.

I won’t come back,
I’ll never last.
I can’t face that
I won’t come back

I can’t chase dreams,
I never sleep.
I just can’t see
I’m in too deep

You go away,
don’t know your name,
but love your face.
Why won’t you stay?

You go away,
I never say
how much you make
my sunny days.

You go away.

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