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Kick these blues away

Sometimes I get the feeling
In the back of my head
That just won’t shake,
I just can’t make
This sense of dread
Keep me from reeling.

News that I am no longer
The same person I worked to be.
In my head I’m all alone,
In my heart I have no home
And if I can’t fake sympathy
Just consider me a goner.

Tomorrow seems so far away
When all I do is dream.
So here I sit with poetry
Casting shadows over me
All I do is write, it seems,
But I never find the words to say

To kick these blues away today.


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Singing the Blues

I tell
I lost it all,
Dropped the ball.
So I don’t get
Everything away from me

Might be afraid
To die
That ain’t gonna make
My life
Worth any less.
And I’ll
Be singing the blues
For you.

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Sickness Blues

The sickness is like a bully
who must steal what is yours.
Like a schemer who is fully
aware of unlocked doors.

The sniffles ride alongside him
as the wind does with rain,
conspiring evil on a whim,
to ruin your sunny days.

The sickness is just a mountain,
another one to climb.
On the other side a fountain,
one more day, you’ll be fine.

If I could do one thing for you,
any one thing at all,
you know I’d cure your sickness blues,
you could smile in the fall.

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