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Scars on my chest

The scars on my chest
Are not invisible.
Your eyes cannot see
What she did to me,
But that doesn’t mean
I never hurt.

The scars on my chest
Are deeper than I realized.
Even though I’ve moved on
The memory lingers on,
And a broken heart
Never fully heals.

The scars on my chest–
A bage of honor
I proudly wear,
Reminding me that under there
Is something that will
Never be hurt again.

The scars on my chest
Are a memory.
You helped me move ahead,
Proved that love is not dead.
A broken heart
Will never keep me down.


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Pink envelope

If I left a note by the door
or in the floor,
would it change the way you live?
Would it make you care
if I knocked over a chair?
If you saw me leaving
would you want me back?
If I ran away and never came home,
would you cry for me then?
If I wasn’t here to be neglected
would you realize you’re wrong?
Would you listen to my song?
Would you be filled with regret?

What I want to know here is
if I should be bothered to move.
‘Cause if you’ll care for me
after I leave,
you could spare us time.
Open up your heart for me,
open up your smile.
Hold my hand and walk with me
once more before I die.

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