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Thrown Away

Your lover’s waiting there for you
She’ll only be upstairs a few
More moments waste away from you
Your broken heart is just a day away
Your empty chest is starting to decay

You learn to love, you learn to hate
You’re told you don’t appreciate
The smallest little rays of sun
The stranger’s smile, the lover’s tongue
But all I want is just one more today
All I want is not to be afraid

Of old laments and future grief
Nostalgiac burn without relief
A stolen soul without belief
That summer’s gonna disappear
And when it does, she will be here
To tell me that everything is ok
We live together somewhere far away
You live forever somewhere not today

And at the top of stairs you will
Descend till you no longer feel
The hollow shell starting to fall apart
The hole that you at one time called your heart

Your lover’s waiting there for you
She’ll only be upstairs a few
More moments you are gonna throw away
These moments you will only throw away


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Being Sad

Being sad
Doesn’t have to be
The worst thing in the world.
If other people see me
And they know me
And feel the need to show me
I should smile,
It shouldn’t make me mad.

Being sad
Sometimes is needed,
Feeling so defeated
Makes victory taste
Sweeter tomorrow.

Being sad
Feels awful when
There isn’t any end
In sight, and you stay awake
All night, and you wonder what makes
Your life turn around.

Being sad
Is temporary,
As most emotions tend to be.
So I tell myself,
I will be well,
And don’t feel so bad
About being sad

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You go away

I want to say
I’m not afraid
of everything.
I’m torn and frayed.

I want to say
I’ll fade away
from yesterday.
I can’t escape.

I sold my soul,
long time ago,
It’s grown so old.
I want no more.

I want to go
where no one knows
time overflows.
I want to go.

I won’t come back,
I’ll never last.
I can’t face that
I won’t come back

I can’t chase dreams,
I never sleep.
I just can’t see
I’m in too deep

You go away,
don’t know your name,
but love your face.
Why won’t you stay?

You go away,
I never say
how much you make
my sunny days.

You go away.

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Turning around

Do you have those moments
where months of strengh
are killed
by seconds of pain?

And do you have those moments
when your heart
makes you fall
flat on your face?

I’m not here
to make you feel better.
I’m sorry
for ever telling you my name.

Because it’s all about to change.
Once my own decisions
finally drive me insane,
I’ll turn around
and change.

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Lonely birds

A lonely bird leaving home for the winter
Lost himself in tears along the way
Who am I, where is hope when I need it?
Never turning back, flying away

The vast and empty sky stares at the sea
Reflections show such a difference
How do I know things I see are real?
Insecurities make too much sense

Our lonely bird has now fallen from grace
Our lonely bird flied defiantly instead
His only last regret was perfection
Perfecting imperfection every day

And on the day he died, no one noticed
Not a tear that ever would be shed
’cause lonely birds fly solo for a reason
We only see loneliness once they’re dead

Now the sky, so empty, dreads the season
Another lonesome victim falls from grace
Loneliness a disease to be stricken
To everyone in every single place

A lonely bird abandons his whole world
To fly away from home, where he has heard
Happy days await those who are patient
As for us, we’ll just be lonely birds

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