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Kick these blues away

Sometimes I get the feeling
In the back of my head
That just won’t shake,
I just can’t make
This sense of dread
Keep me from reeling.

News that I am no longer
The same person I worked to be.
In my head I’m all alone,
In my heart I have no home
And if I can’t fake sympathy
Just consider me a goner.

Tomorrow seems so far away
When all I do is dream.
So here I sit with poetry
Casting shadows over me
All I do is write, it seems,
But I never find the words to say

To kick these blues away today.


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This life

The smell of rotted meat,
Decaying flesh,
Tests the gag reflex.
The sight of millions
Of maggots all
Slowly squirming,
Lives insignificant
To me.

The sound of devil growls
Clawing, scratching,
Groaning, needing food.
The sight of an old friend,
Gone forever.
You wish you’d never known
This life.

The touch of tender love,
A long lost dream
Replaced by hunger.
The sight of mankind lost,
No direction
When the end of the world
Is born.

The taste of dread and fear,
Life on the run,
No such place called home.
The sights we once saw died;
You wish you’d never known
This life.

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