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Wind chimes in the morning

Wind chimes in the morning,
My room fills with light.
I take a deep breath,
Early morning sigh.

I’m not really awake,
I don’t feel alive,
Until the water on my face
Brings me back to life.

Traffic in the afternoon,
This blurry, shifting place.
I gaze into the sky and dream,
I wish that I were fake.

I sit behind the wheel,
But I am really somewhere else.
I am in a world of love,
That I will never tell.

TV in the evening,
A dull and dreadful buzz
Pushing me to longingly
Wish I never was.

The long walk out to sleep,
A losing proposition–you
want to stop the commotion
In your head, but listen–to

Wind chimes in the morning,
Someday I will see
Nothing ever changes and
I will never sleep.


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The dance of life
The light of day
The feeling in my head.
I could cry
One thousand times
I could live a dream.

One flick of the wrist
One sound is born
The blending of many notes.
I could live
And I could die
In this moment every day.

My life revolves
Around this movement
Repeated every day.
My heart dissolves,
My brain’s resolve
Is tested every day.

Music is what makes me
Wake up tomorrow,
Just as it was today.
Music will be
The death of me,
There is no better way.

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