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Singing the Blues

I tell
I lost it all,
Dropped the ball.
So I don’t get
Everything away from me

Might be afraid
To die
That ain’t gonna make
My life
Worth any less.
And I’ll
Be singing the blues
For you.


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This life

The smell of rotted meat,
Decaying flesh,
Tests the gag reflex.
The sight of millions
Of maggots all
Slowly squirming,
Lives insignificant
To me.

The sound of devil growls
Clawing, scratching,
Groaning, needing food.
The sight of an old friend,
Gone forever.
You wish you’d never known
This life.

The touch of tender love,
A long lost dream
Replaced by hunger.
The sight of mankind lost,
No direction
When the end of the world
Is born.

The taste of dread and fear,
Life on the run,
No such place called home.
The sights we once saw died;
You wish you’d never known
This life.

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The Same

Soon seems so far away,
or so it did yesterday.
Soon seems like a word
reserved for the absurd.

Never always knows
how to discourage those
who dream aloud,
those swallowed by the crowd.

Now’s already lost–at last
the present really is the past
the future’s never here,
reality is fear.

Never always tries
to destroy determined minds.
Never never keeps me down,
never will not see me drown.

Soon would be most ideal
if it were now, if it were real,
if it would listen to what I say
if it could carry me away.

Soon would be pleasant
if it were the present.
But soon, never, they drive me insane,
because soon and never are simply the same.

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Goodnight yellow bird

Goodnight yellow bird,
you sang me a song,
but without melody;
I can’t sing along.
Goodnight freedom,
how can I miss you?
If I’ve never dreamed,
my life isn’t true.
Goodnight to
bright lights, happy faces,
bodies shuffling,
different places.

Goodnight yellow bird,
I’ll sing you a song.
I’d save you a memory,
but you’ve already gone.
Goodnight freedom,
we had happy days,
with sunshine and laughter–
we go our own ways.
Goodnight to
everything I’ve loved.
the lights disappear
when I look above.

Goodnight yellow bird,
I’ll say with a tear.
I’ll never see your face,
you’ll never know my fear.

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We forgot to sleep

They stormed in,
flashlights shine in our faces.
They mumbled,
eager to disgrace us.
We were terrified,
but followed orders.

She wouldn’t listen to them.
She didn’t care.
While she drank and laughed,
taunted and stared.
They took her away.
Abuse of power.

Across the street
there were blankets on the floor.
We could stay the night,
though our souls could take no more.
And we wondered what would
become of us

I lie awake
and contemplate
my very next move.
What am I to do?
I roll over and look at you,
your eyes were glazed,
glossy with fears,
constraining all our tears,
hope that no one hears.

We looked around.
No peace was found.
We did not make a sound.
My memory will always keep
the night we forgot to sleep.

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