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This and That

This is my gun
That is your mouth
Blowing smoke away

This is no home
That is too proud
To wish us away

These are rainy days
Those which fade away
Will never breathe the truth

These will never say
Those who choose to stay
Will rot away in youth

This is an end
That is too soon
Praying for today

This is my gun
That is your mouth
Blowing smoke away


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I know I am old
The time I wasted
Figuring out my role
Cannot make it
Any easier to
Fade away

I know I will go
My home is not home
For long, although
I won’t be alone
When you follow my
Footprints here

I know I am worn
Breaking down slowly
Years ago I’d sworn
Nobody could know me
I’ve never been happier
To be wrong

I know I am old
Even in youth
Time wears on the soul
Time conceals the truth
In my old age
I am free

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This life

The smell of rotted meat,
Decaying flesh,
Tests the gag reflex.
The sight of millions
Of maggots all
Slowly squirming,
Lives insignificant
To me.

The sound of devil growls
Clawing, scratching,
Groaning, needing food.
The sight of an old friend,
Gone forever.
You wish you’d never known
This life.

The touch of tender love,
A long lost dream
Replaced by hunger.
The sight of mankind lost,
No direction
When the end of the world
Is born.

The taste of dread and fear,
Life on the run,
No such place called home.
The sights we once saw died;
You wish you’d never known
This life.

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Goodnight yellow bird

Goodnight yellow bird,
you sang me a song,
but without melody;
I can’t sing along.
Goodnight freedom,
how can I miss you?
If I’ve never dreamed,
my life isn’t true.
Goodnight to
bright lights, happy faces,
bodies shuffling,
different places.

Goodnight yellow bird,
I’ll sing you a song.
I’d save you a memory,
but you’ve already gone.
Goodnight freedom,
we had happy days,
with sunshine and laughter–
we go our own ways.
Goodnight to
everything I’ve loved.
the lights disappear
when I look above.

Goodnight yellow bird,
I’ll say with a tear.
I’ll never see your face,
you’ll never know my fear.

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Maybe there was a place
I used to call home.
Maybe there was a place,
but now I’m alone.

Maybe there was a time
when I used to live.
Maybe it came too soon–
–nothing left to give.

Maybe I try too hard,
keep myself in line.
Maybe I try to make-
belive it’s in my mind.

Maybe I keep running,
the rest of my life.
Maybe I keep thinking
I put up a fight.

Maybe I’m a question.
Every night, eternity.
Maybe I’ll start being
poetic imagery.

Maybe I’ll fake caring
for the future world.
Maybe I’ll stop caring
about a stupid girl.

Maybe I will live my life.
Maybe I’ll be me.
Maybe I will seize the night.
Maybe I will see

that sometimes these maybe’s
May be the end of me.

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