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The Snow

Sometimes I wonder if I’m still there.
If my memory haunts you
In the snow.
Like an old abandoned house
With a dusty box of letters,
Photographs and broken memories
Sitting by the stairs.

And when I think and think
I think too much, it makes me weak
I crumble to the ground and on my knees
I shed a single tear for memories I know
Are dying.

Am I still living?
Do you know that I’m awake
Or does the past only make
You run further away?

I know you filter out the snow.
The dreams of yesterday
When you mark down on your calendar
News plans penned today

You have the things you always said
That you wanted.
No, needed.
You have the things you thought
Would make you smile.

So are you happy?
Or was it something that you
Already had that you took for granted
Now gone forever

Someday an old lady
Will bring me back to life
Through pictures in her head
And warmth felt long ago

She will crumble to the ground on her knees
And shed a single tear for memories she killed
And know that she stomped a dream.

So I’m alive
Even if only for a moment
In the regrets of a tattered old woman
Whose heart never knew again
The true love she abandoned
In the snow.


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Lonely souls

Heart beat
Eyes blink
A ringing in the soul
Cold feet
Whisper all alone

I may
Change my world again
Can bring
A smile to lonely souls

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Loneliness is an automatic toothbrush
echoing through an empty house.
Loneliness is a blank stare
gazing back from a window.
Loneliness is the sound
of synchronized clocks and the hum of a fan.
Loneliness is the universal
plight of man.

Loneliness can fog my mind,
yet clear it on a later day.
Loneliness can be a treasure that
many wish to bury deep within the earth.
Loneliness can drive you mad, but
sometimes loneliness can save your soul.
Loneliness is a shady place
that I call home.

Loneliness can birth forgiveness.
Loneliness can spark regret.
Loneliness can make you wish that we
were not always made to be
such a mess.

Loneliness is a light in the sky
with cloudy stars.
Loneliness is a long walk home.
Loneliness is the aching, tearing pull
of yesterday’s nostalgia.
Loneliness is a stern lesson
we all teach, but
no one learns.

Loneliness is misunderstood.
Loneliness has much to say.
We continue to run, but in vain,
because loneliness is here to stay.


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