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Déjà vu

Memories of expectations
Lost inside your mind.
I’ve seen this song and dance,
I’ve lived this sad romance.

Memories of expectations
Slowly start to die.
I know where this road leads,
I live to be lonely.

The moment fades and comes again,
Repeat one million times.
Present and future seem so familiar,
But the past is just a dream.

Coming back to haunt me.


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Maybe there was a place
I used to call home.
Maybe there was a place,
but now I’m alone.

Maybe there was a time
when I used to live.
Maybe it came too soon–
–nothing left to give.

Maybe I try too hard,
keep myself in line.
Maybe I try to make-
belive it’s in my mind.

Maybe I keep running,
the rest of my life.
Maybe I keep thinking
I put up a fight.

Maybe I’m a question.
Every night, eternity.
Maybe I’ll start being
poetic imagery.

Maybe I’ll fake caring
for the future world.
Maybe I’ll stop caring
about a stupid girl.

Maybe I will live my life.
Maybe I’ll be me.
Maybe I will seize the night.
Maybe I will see

that sometimes these maybe’s
May be the end of me.

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