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I heard you whispering a prayer.
Not begging for a second chance,
Forgiveness or personal advance,
But for love to be true.

I heard you take a deep breath
A million miles away.
I hear you in my dreams,
In my brain, you’re still mine.

I heard you walk away slowly,
Surely disappointed.
Because you know you can relive the moment,
But every time, I’ll run away.

I heard you flick the safety
And a moment of hesitation.
As badly as the pain lives on–and it does, I know,
Your life was already gone–many years ago.

I heard you whispering a prayer,
Demanding God show mercy on others,
So they could understand
Love is too good to be true.

And I saw you scribble notes
As a tear blurred the ink.
I saw you write something
That I hope you don’t believe:

There’s only so much a fragile mind can take.
There’s only so many times a fragile heart can break.
Love is just a confusing mess of pain and sorrow.


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On the day I left,
I never cried.
The last time we spoke,
I surely lied.

I knew the truth,
that I would come back.
But I pretended as if
it would be the last.

On the day I left,
I whispered you a prayer,
but it fell on deaf ears
because you didn’t care.

You didn’t care where
we ended up, eventually.
You didn’t care how
far apart we were destined to be.

My voice is nothing.
My word holds no truth.
I broke a promise.
I broke you.

But now I stare into the sky,
as I have hundreds of times before,
and I make another promise.
This time, to myself

If only words could mend hearts.

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