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Brings me down
Turns me grey
Makes every decision I make
Seem like one elaborate mistake
And all I want to do is hide

Having no cash
Lots of time
Just to think
Who am I and where will I
Find the will to reach and try
To face rejection every time

Won’t define
What my mind
Considers to be me
Confident identity
Tomorrow when I wake up I’ll see

Unemployment isn’t me.



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My hands are not strong enough
to hold you up forever.
My mind aches with the pinch
of nostalgia coming back.
My eyes roll with every sigh
you breathe after I speak.
My world cannot maintain
the endless rejection.
My hands are holding on
but will soon let go.
My life is hanging in the balance
but you don’t seem to notice.

You don’t seem to notice
at all.

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