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I heard you whispering a prayer.
Not begging for a second chance,
Forgiveness or personal advance,
But for love to be true.

I heard you take a deep breath
A million miles away.
I hear you in my dreams,
In my brain, you’re still mine.

I heard you walk away slowly,
Surely disappointed.
Because you know you can relive the moment,
But every time, I’ll run away.

I heard you flick the safety
And a moment of hesitation.
As badly as the pain lives on–and it does, I know,
Your life was already gone–many years ago.

I heard you whispering a prayer,
Demanding God show mercy on others,
So they could understand
Love is too good to be true.

And I saw you scribble notes
As a tear blurred the ink.
I saw you write something
That I hope you don’t believe:

There’s only so much a fragile mind can take.
There’s only so many times a fragile heart can break.
Love is just a confusing mess of pain and sorrow.


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in a circle of trees.
surrounded by dreams.
a two-tone drone.

bodies dangle–
–like leaves.
I close my eyes
and wish for freedom.

a whisk of air,
the wind sighs
the last breath
of an evening,
of a life.

When the sun arrives,
I will be back
in my bed.
Far away
from the forest
in my head.

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Pink envelope

If I left a note by the door
or in the floor,
would it change the way you live?
Would it make you care
if I knocked over a chair?
If you saw me leaving
would you want me back?
If I ran away and never came home,
would you cry for me then?
If I wasn’t here to be neglected
would you realize you’re wrong?
Would you listen to my song?
Would you be filled with regret?

What I want to know here is
if I should be bothered to move.
‘Cause if you’ll care for me
after I leave,
you could spare us time.
Open up your heart for me,
open up your smile.
Hold my hand and walk with me
once more before I die.

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One more rose

If your roses of red
make me violently blue,
can your frustration with fear
conquer you?

If the green in my eyes
is the tone in my soul,
will I know if it’s ready,
or if it’s grown too old?

A glass full of flowers
that have died away,
once flashed the room yellow,
now are dark and gray.

The brown of the walls,
the decay of love
that has tried to move on,
but clings to what once was.

Oh your red roses
and my sea of tears,
cue up the onslaught
for one thousand years.

I have lived many lives,
ran away in vain from my death.
But now I know this dark, black world
truly knows what is best.

So before you cry,
think of this:
You have hope,
it’s not the end.

Your roses live on,
another day,
to fade out my blues
far away.

And I’ll be here
again to try
to live it through
again and die.

But I don’t come back
this last time.
You’re on your own.
You’re in my mind.

Love lives on,
I know it’s true,
but people die.
Like me and you.

So when I’m gone,
and I will be soon,
my body disappears,
but my soul is in you.

So pick a rose
once more for me.
I’ll cure your blues,
just wait and see.

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Lonely birds

A lonely bird leaving home for the winter
Lost himself in tears along the way
Who am I, where is hope when I need it?
Never turning back, flying away

The vast and empty sky stares at the sea
Reflections show such a difference
How do I know things I see are real?
Insecurities make too much sense

Our lonely bird has now fallen from grace
Our lonely bird flied defiantly instead
His only last regret was perfection
Perfecting imperfection every day

And on the day he died, no one noticed
Not a tear that ever would be shed
’cause lonely birds fly solo for a reason
We only see loneliness once they’re dead

Now the sky, so empty, dreads the season
Another lonesome victim falls from grace
Loneliness a disease to be stricken
To everyone in every single place

A lonely bird abandons his whole world
To fly away from home, where he has heard
Happy days await those who are patient
As for us, we’ll just be lonely birds

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The part where I say goodbye

It seems at the start
As if the sky
Is endless and blue
Without ever a night
It seems at the start
Like I will never die
But this is the part
Where I say goodbye

It seems when it’s over
When it’s all said and done
I must have been wrong
When I said I’m the one
Who changes how you think
How you feel
Who changes who you are
Changes what is real
It seems at the end
Like I was always alone
It seems you really were
A girl I’ve never known

But this is the part
Where you ask me why
This is the part
Where I proclaim the world mine
This is the part where things can get tricky
This is the part where we will be undone

This is the part where I make you cry
Because, girl,
This is the part where I say goodbye

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