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Standing on top of the world

Standing on top of the world,
would you believe me
when I told you I was greatness?
Holding the sky,
would you believe me
when I said I’m the one?
Flying through the blue sky,
bathing in the sunlight,
forgetting the darkness
of yesterday.

Standing on top of the world
would you notice me then?
Lying at the end of the path,
the thing we once called time,
would I be free?


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Sweet September

Skip the start, into the end
I’ll be long gone with the wind,
Waiting here again

Don’t believe the things you see,
It’s a faded memory
of a life you never lived

I’m just a shadow of a broken heart
and an empty mind
Left behind

Take a step into the wind
To see me once again
I’ll be fighting till the end

Ain’t no easy way to die
I cannot hear you cry
’cause i been gone away

Now i’m trapped under your rain
I’m soaked up with your pain
Another broken world

Forever i am lost in space
I do not have a face
I cannot fill the void

Evil sins fell off the noose
Troubles on the loose
Today is yesterday

So wake me up before we die
Keep me guessing why
We’re always years away

Forget the sweet september song
It’s gone before to long
Ain’t nothin else to say

Your Sweet September’s gone
Another lonely summer song

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