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Though I hate to see you go
You know I know
It happens slow
And you will only change

The sun will fade and appear again
A different world, enlightened and
I got nowhere left to go
I go no one left to know

Tomorrow brings
A promise ring
Broken on the floor
We always hoped for more
The longest goodbyes will
Bring her


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I know I am old
The time I wasted
Figuring out my role
Cannot make it
Any easier to
Fade away

I know I will go
My home is not home
For long, although
I won’t be alone
When you follow my
Footprints here

I know I am worn
Breaking down slowly
Years ago I’d sworn
Nobody could know me
I’ve never been happier
To be wrong

I know I am old
Even in youth
Time wears on the soul
Time conceals the truth
In my old age
I am free

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Déjà vu

Memories of expectations
Lost inside your mind.
I’ve seen this song and dance,
I’ve lived this sad romance.

Memories of expectations
Slowly start to die.
I know where this road leads,
I live to be lonely.

The moment fades and comes again,
Repeat one million times.
Present and future seem so familiar,
But the past is just a dream.

Coming back to haunt me.

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I heard you whispering a prayer.
Not begging for a second chance,
Forgiveness or personal advance,
But for love to be true.

I heard you take a deep breath
A million miles away.
I hear you in my dreams,
In my brain, you’re still mine.

I heard you walk away slowly,
Surely disappointed.
Because you know you can relive the moment,
But every time, I’ll run away.

I heard you flick the safety
And a moment of hesitation.
As badly as the pain lives on–and it does, I know,
Your life was already gone–many years ago.

I heard you whispering a prayer,
Demanding God show mercy on others,
So they could understand
Love is too good to be true.

And I saw you scribble notes
As a tear blurred the ink.
I saw you write something
That I hope you don’t believe:

There’s only so much a fragile mind can take.
There’s only so many times a fragile heart can break.
Love is just a confusing mess of pain and sorrow.

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Maybe there was a place
I used to call home.
Maybe there was a place,
but now I’m alone.

Maybe there was a time
when I used to live.
Maybe it came too soon–
–nothing left to give.

Maybe I try too hard,
keep myself in line.
Maybe I try to make-
belive it’s in my mind.

Maybe I keep running,
the rest of my life.
Maybe I keep thinking
I put up a fight.

Maybe I’m a question.
Every night, eternity.
Maybe I’ll start being
poetic imagery.

Maybe I’ll fake caring
for the future world.
Maybe I’ll stop caring
about a stupid girl.

Maybe I will live my life.
Maybe I’ll be me.
Maybe I will seize the night.
Maybe I will see

that sometimes these maybe’s
May be the end of me.

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Standing on top of the world

Standing on top of the world,
would you believe me
when I told you I was greatness?
Holding the sky,
would you believe me
when I said I’m the one?
Flying through the blue sky,
bathing in the sunlight,
forgetting the darkness
of yesterday.

Standing on top of the world
would you notice me then?
Lying at the end of the path,
the thing we once called time,
would I be free?

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Life falls over,
dusk draws closer,
sun drains to the sea.

Now nostalgia
has more power,
chokehold over me.

Time will always win.
Time will always be
the empty part of me,
the last breath of defeat.

Photographs were
memories, now
flaming paper dreams.

Tears won’t save me,
life escapes me,
sun drains to the sea.

Time will always win.
Time will conquer me
because time exhales
the last breath of defeat.

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