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Wind chimes in the morning

Wind chimes in the morning,
My room fills with light.
I take a deep breath,
Early morning sigh.

I’m not really awake,
I don’t feel alive,
Until the water on my face
Brings me back to life.

Traffic in the afternoon,
This blurry, shifting place.
I gaze into the sky and dream,
I wish that I were fake.

I sit behind the wheel,
But I am really somewhere else.
I am in a world of love,
That I will never tell.

TV in the evening,
A dull and dreadful buzz
Pushing me to longingly
Wish I never was.

The long walk out to sleep,
A losing proposition–you
want to stop the commotion
In your head, but listen–to

Wind chimes in the morning,
Someday I will see
Nothing ever changes and
I will never sleep.


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My mind wanders,
Music infects my brain.
The screech of tires
And the hum of engines.
The noise of the world
becomes my playground.

I don’t notice,
Impatience takes over.
A symphony of horns urge me
To go on with my life.
And reality comes home.

They fade together,
They fade with gray.
I think about the summer
When I was ten years old.
I threw a golf ball through the window
And blamed it on my best friend.

Hesitation–do I push it,
Or simply reign it in?
No man’s land.
I play it safe, with time to spare.
I find myself back at

At this rate,
I’ll never be home.

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