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Pink envelope

If I left a note by the door
or in the floor,
would it change the way you live?
Would it make you care
if I knocked over a chair?
If you saw me leaving
would you want me back?
If I ran away and never came home,
would you cry for me then?
If I wasn’t here to be neglected
would you realize you’re wrong?
Would you listen to my song?
Would you be filled with regret?

What I want to know here is
if I should be bothered to move.
‘Cause if you’ll care for me
after I leave,
you could spare us time.
Open up your heart for me,
open up your smile.
Hold my hand and walk with me
once more before I die.


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My hands are not strong enough
to hold you up forever.
My mind aches with the pinch
of nostalgia coming back.
My eyes roll with every sigh
you breathe after I speak.
My world cannot maintain
the endless rejection.
My hands are holding on
but will soon let go.
My life is hanging in the balance
but you don’t seem to notice.

You don’t seem to notice
at all.

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