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To the band:

Sometimes I feel my life is a train
And no matter how I try to step off the path
I keep on going down the long, narrow tracks
I keep pushing forward through the night, wind, rain

I feel my choices make no change
I walk down one road until it fades away
I end up on the other side anyway
The situation varies, the results remain the same

I feel a collision waiting to happen
I see it, hear it, smell it, taste it
But there’s no way to avoid it —
— the confines of the world I’m trapped in

I wanted to be a writer
My god would have none of the such
As bad luck piles up too much
I slowly lose the will to fight her

I was born to strum a guitar
And that’s my place, my fate
That’s the place I cannot escape
And though it may not get me far

I was born to strum a guitar


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Kick these blues away

Sometimes I get the feeling
In the back of my head
That just won’t shake,
I just can’t make
This sense of dread
Keep me from reeling.

News that I am no longer
The same person I worked to be.
In my head I’m all alone,
In my heart I have no home
And if I can’t fake sympathy
Just consider me a goner.

Tomorrow seems so far away
When all I do is dream.
So here I sit with poetry
Casting shadows over me
All I do is write, it seems,
But I never find the words to say

To kick these blues away today.

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