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This life

The smell of rotted meat,
Decaying flesh,
Tests the gag reflex.
The sight of millions
Of maggots all
Slowly squirming,
Lives insignificant
To me.

The sound of devil growls
Clawing, scratching,
Groaning, needing food.
The sight of an old friend,
Gone forever.
You wish you’d never known
This life.

The touch of tender love,
A long lost dream
Replaced by hunger.
The sight of mankind lost,
No direction
When the end of the world
Is born.

The taste of dread and fear,
Life on the run,
No such place called home.
The sights we once saw died;
You wish you’d never known
This life.


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The night ends with a hug

The popcorn in the microwave
soon becomes an empty bowl,
knocked over in the floor,
with kernels scattered
to the darkest regions
below the sofa.

The black cat hiding in the curtains
will soon scratch at the door.
And hop upon the furniture,
searching for a way out–
an escape from the undead.

The television has become silent.
Once the center of attention,
it is but a distraction
from the corners of our eyes.
Conversation carries on.

The long journey looming.
Do I want to leave,
or do you want me to go?
Or perhaps it is neither, or both,
but right now, I don’t know

The night ends with a hug,
and maybe the hint of more
meetings in the evenings–
and movies filled with gore.

But right now,
I don’t know.

I don’t know what to think
of anything at all.
But I will think and think and think,
until I smash into a wall.

Today began with nerves,
the night ends with a smile.
I cannot predict the future,
but it seems I have some luck,
because the night ends with a hug.

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